Thursday, September 1, 2011

I didn't pray for patience!

I promise I didn't do something dumb and go praying for patience... but apparently I needed to learn to be more patient, ha-ha. We are still waiting and learning and trusting that God's timing is perfect. "Our" house is just sitting there, across the street, lonely and waiting for us. Yet I am finding contentment. We have a beautiful home to live in for the time being and we are so blessed. I just miss some of my stuff and having a place, other than a box, to put it. I will reluctantly post a picture of the house. I say reluctantly because I am not convinced that it will really happen. The challenge is not to get too possessive of the house but also enjoy the excitement of the purchase. We are just waiting for the final loan approval and then we set the closing date. Please continue to pray that God's will would be done!