Friday, March 15, 2013

March Newsletter

Six weeks! We have made it through the first 6 weeks. To celebrate, we de-hospitalized the house and finally got some much needed work done on our Jeep. The steering was freezing up, our tires were bald and leaking air, and we needed an alignment. I found myself airing up the tires late at night in snow storms and cold temperatures wondering why we didn't take care of all this before John’s surgery. But we didn't have the time or money to do much about it. I don’t want you to feel like I am complaining because really, I am not (although I might have been at the time), I just want you to rejoice with me in God’s provisions! To say God has blessed us through this surgery would be an understatement! From the hospital bed and equipment for our home, that was loaned to us, to the meals, groceries, gas cards and gift cards, to the friends and neighbors who cleared the snow from our driveway and Jose of Jose’s Mexican Restaurant surprising John with a meal one night, we have been awed by God’s love and care for us. And then there were all the generous financial gifts that came in. I cannot tell you how floored we were every time another gift showed up and every time we got another check, we saw God providing a way to fix the Jeep. So this week were able to walk into the shop with cash and drive out with a dependable vehicle. That has been such a load off our minds this week and no more driving around to find an air compressor that works in Baraboo.

The other thing we did to celebrate is go to Madison for John’s 6 week Doctor appointment. The x-rays look good and there is a little evidence of some bone growth and that is what we were looking for. Now John can start some physical therapy and start to increase his strength. He is moving around well but doesn't have the strength to do anything for very long. He tires very quickly and gets really sore easily. He should start working part-time in the next couple of weeks and he is looking forward to getting out of the house some. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery. We know that most major surgeries don’t go by without some complications but really... there haven’t been any so far, and we feel so blessed because of that.

At Expeditions, we are getting closer and closer to covering all the costs of moving and remodeling the cabins. We are within $5000 of our goal! A couple weeks ago, Culver’s in Wisconsin Dells held a Fundraiser for Expeditions where our staff served the customers and a portion of the day’s profits went towards our cabin fundraising. Our family didn't get to partake in the serving but we did get to partake in eating some food and $2063 was raised! Another thing to praise God for is a wonderful Winter Retreat Season. In our last newsletter we mentioned our concern and need for winter weather and God has blessed us with just that! Along with that there have been numerous lives given to Christ, both for the first time and as a re-dedication. We have so much to praise God for right now! Please remember us in your prayers and praise Him with us!

Partner With Us

Currently we are desperately needing monthly supporters! We need to raise $400 more a month. Will you help us? If we had 16 people support us at $25 a month or 10 at $40 we would be there! Please pray about it and see how God leads you. THANK YOU  for your continued support through your prayer and financial gifts. Checks can be written out to Expeditions Unlimited with our ministry number “02103” in the memo and mailed to E11844 County Road D L Baraboo WI 53913.