Sunday, April 10, 2011

Youth Leader Retreat

Last Monday and Tuesday, Expeditions hosted a first ever, retreat for youth leaders. Our goal at Expeditions is to create an atmosphere where youth leaders can minister to their students without having to worry about all the details. So we don't plan a camp or retreat and then invite people to come. We invite youth pastors to bring their students to Expeditions and allow us to work with them to custom design a retreat that will best serve the needs of the group. Expeditions believes every group is unique and the youth pastor knows what his students need. Also, after the retreat is over, the youth pastor can continue to build on what was covered at the retreat and continue to cutivate relationships. As a thank you to the youth pastors who have been faithful to bring their students to camp and as an invitations to some new youth pastors, Expeditions invited them all to camp for a time of retreat and encouragement... withouth their students. About 35 pastors attended and seemed to have a wonderful time of refreshment. John said watching these men sit around at their tables for an hour or 2 after every meal, talking away, was cool to see. And as usual, they were a blessing to our staff as well!

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