Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Update

Thank you for praying for Ethan at the Dentist! He did great and we set up a future appointment to remove the stubborn baby tooth. Praise God, 4 days before his appointment, he knocked the tooth loose! So we were able to cancel the dreaded extraction.
On the "home" front, praise God, we got approved for a loan and started to search for the perfect home. That search has turned into the search for the house that will not fall down and we can get an offer in on before someone outbids us, haha! We have had many disappointments along the way, as anyone who ventures to ask, "how is it going?" can tell you. Sorry to those who have had to sit and listen to our housing saga! Also, a week and a half before Grandma Jean's house was supposed to close, we were mostly packed up and ready to move when the offer fell through. John was leaving a day later to Isreal and we had to decide what to do. We ended up staying here and trying to stay mostly packed, eating off of paper plates and plasticware. Grandma's stuff is all sold and gone for the most part and the house is once again on the market.
Yesterday, we put another offer in on a house that we are praying will go through. We should hopefully find out on Monday. Maybe we can avoid a move to my parents before we find a home to buy! One less move in our future would be nice.
At Expeditions, the ropes course is done. We had a group of guinea pigs .... ahem.. I mean, men... go through the course just today. No one died! Really though, John said it so cool to witness the very first group and see it run so smoothly after all the months of building it.

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