Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Day at the Museum

Easter weekend, John was given 5 days off and we were determined to spend some time together as a family, NOT doing projects around the house. A supporter of our family knew of this and made it possible for us to spend a day in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry. This was such a treat and I am pretty sure this is a trip Ethan won't forget. You see, he has been a long time fan of the science show, Mythbusters, and for a limited time, MSI has a Mythbusters exhibit. He was able to see show memorabilia and try to bust a few myths himself! I thought I would post a few pictures and send out a huge "Thank You" to the one who made it possible!

Checking out the U 505

The Wright men checking out The Wright Brothers Exhibit

Ethan was a little nervous here, ha!

He's one bright kid!

FINALLY! We reached the Mythbusters exhibit and the Duct Tape boat.

Trying to find out if you get wetter running in the rain or walking.

The black light showed the water drops on your clothing

Ethan trying to pull a table cloth out from under the dishes.

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