Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

In Wisconsin, spring has sprung. Actually, more like summer and last I checked, it was March! ( I know it is now April, but it took me a couple weeks to get this out) We have had 12 days in a row of record breaking highs and most of them have been in the 80’s. Leaves are coming out and flowers are filling the flower beds. It is a relief from the mild winter we had, where we struggled to provide winter activities for our campers. Praise God though, we had just enough snow and just enough cold temperatures to make the winter camps possible. Our new broomball rink was in use and our tubing hill got a face-lift. More importantly we received so many reports, from the youth leaders, of God’s moving in the hearts of the students.
As we move into spring, things will pick up for John. He has just finished up a climbing wall addition and we had a fun time testing it out. He is also working on building new bunk beds for the cabins so we can dispose of the old, creaky, metal beds. Something I am sure the campers will appreciate. Even though it is only March, our summer season is right around the corner and we have a lot of prep and cleaning up to do to get ready. Along with our usual summer preparations, the State has changed our license and we fall under different regulations now. What this means is, to be in compliance with the new regulations, we need to eliminate some of the beds in each of the cabins. We often fill all of our beds at Camp, so to continue serving the number of campers we do now, we have to build some more cabins.
Despite the changes and work to be done, great things are happening. Our staff is growing in unity and just got back from the spring CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) conference. It was a time of great refreshment and encouragement through classes, fellowship, and Bible teaching with other Christian camp staff from Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska.
We are settling into our home gradually and excited to start working on a garden and the long awaited tree house. John is still working with his Doctor and Neurosurgeon, trying to find relief from his back injury. We were able to purchase a new mattress with the generous donations from several of our supporters. This has been so helpful but it doesn’t completely eliminate the back pain at night.
Partner with us!
PRAY for healing for John’s back. He is struggling to do everyday tasks that his job requires.
PRAY for Expeditions as they adjust to the new regulations and find ways to keep our numbers up.
PRAY and CONSIDER if you might be able to partner with us financially. We are in great need of monthly supporters. If this is something God is leading you to do, please give us a call or send us an email.

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