Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day of Prayer

Today, our camp staff took the day off from our typical duties and spent the day praying together. How awesome is that! I was able to go out and take part this morning. The rest of the staff should be wrapping up about now but I am asking you to start now. As you are reading this would you pick one thing off the list and spend a minute praying about it. If you want to pick several items and spend an hour, please do, but anything would be appreciated! He is the list of things we spent the day praying for:

Our Full Time Staff and Their Families

Our Summer Staff

The Students Attending Camp

The Hearts and Growth of Both Staff and Campers

Safety of Both Staff and Campers

The Vision, Funding and Logistics of Moving the Donated Cabins

The Nordic Pines and the Ministry that takes place there

Camp's Finances

The Camp's Board Members and their Families

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